Vision To create new role models by bringing people together, while exercising their bodies and minds. Mission To enable youth to complete their education, providing the tools to achieve their educational goals. Motto Reach for the sky About Steve BIO : Steve O’Brien ( English ) / Biographie de Steve O’Brien ( French ) About his Cross Canada Tour Steve O’Brien’s CROSS CANADA RELAY FOR YOUTH AND SCHOOL PERSEVERANCE is a marvellous and unique adventure.  He is travelling at least 50 kilometres a day using twelve modalities to cover our vast country.  He will walk, run, bike, mountain bike, in-line skate, scooter, long board, pogo stick, cross country ski, snow shoe, as well as adapted-bike and wheelchair.  The children chose all the different modes of transportation for Steve. The goal of the CROSS-CANADA TOUR is to encourage kids to persevere in the pursuit of their dreams and to raise funds to help schools and youth organizations make those dreams come true. Steve left Victoria BC on April 12th 2015 to finish in St. John’s NFLD on Dec 8th 2015.   Along the way, he is visiting schools, boys and girls clubs, in addition to big brothers and big sisters organizations.  Steve also shows up at community centers and bike or skate parks to share his message. After retiring from Canada's National Track Team, he has spent the past twenty-five years connecting with kids young and old. Steve understands that youth have valid questions, concerns and ideas which need to be heard and more importantly, that they have a shoulder to lean on. He wants to remind everyone that any goal is possible to reach, and no obstacle is too hard to overcome. By keeping kids active, you are enabling them to pursue a better education and ultimately, a better lifestyle.     Steve would like every school, club, team, or kid's organization across Canada to have a RELAY DAY in their area. Each kid will enjoy the chance to participate in this unique event and travel 100 meters in any way that they please. The distance the kid’s cover will be will be recorded and emailed to us.  All of their names will be entered in the “CROSS CANADA RELAY BOOK”. You may also send pictures. No challenge by a group as large as this, covering a distance as great as this will have ever been accomplished. The kids will likely exceed Steve’s 11,000-kilometre quest! The promotion of physical activity in today's youth is a serious challenge. The CROSS CANADA TOUR and RELAY DAY will hopefully provide the schools and organizations with incentive and a positive message for youth to be active. Together let’s write a new page in the history of Canada. Our youth are our future leaders. Everyone needs to be encouraged to follow his or her passions and fulfil their dreams! Steve O’Brien Foundation Update : Steve completed the Cross-Canada relay on Wednesday, 9th of December 2016. There were 12 ways to cross; walk, run, bike, mountain bike, long board, para-bike, pogo stick, wheel chair, cross country skis, snow shoes, in-line skates and a scooter - 13,225kms, 10 provinces and 240 days. Mission accomplished !
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