National Relay To view in French, please click HERE [ English Video ]   [ Vidéo en français ] As a former track athlete turned educator, Steve has become passionate about promoting resilience in youth. On April 12 2015, he began a Cross Canada Tour to raise awareness for school perseverance. Thanks to the suggestion of a group of kids, he traveled 13,225 kilometers from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John’s, Newfoundland in 12 different ways—from biking to running, to more unconventional ways such as using a scooter and even a pogo stick! After Steve finished the tour on December 8, he decided to create the National Relay for Youth to further enforce the message of perseverance. The relay challenges children and youth of all ages, cultures, and physical ability to work together and beat the number of kilometers he traveled while on tour. Last year, hundreds of students from across the nation (including schools and organizations in South Africa!) traveled a combined total of 36,846.2 kilometers! This year, Steve wants to see that number grow. Here’s how it works:   Pick any day in April or May to do the relay and let the kids know about it ahead of time to build excitement. On the day of the relay, measure 100 meters and mark it each end with a cone. Organize an equal amount of participants at each end and relay a stick back and forth between the cones. The youth can run, walk, skip, hop, cartwheel, worm or even piggyback! As an example, let’s say you have 50 youth. Each participant completes 100 meters so 50 X 100 meters = 5 km!  Option with fundraiser: Every child is requested to raise a minimum of $1.00 – If they raise more, that’s ok too! 90% of the funds raised will stay with the school/organization to fund necessary projects such as musical instruments, food vouchers, sports equipment or art supplies etc. The remaining 10% of the funds raised is then donated back to the foundation to use for future projects to benefit children across Canada. Each group can choose how they want to execute their relay. The sky’s the limit! All the foundation asks is that participating schools and organizations find a moment before or after the relay to discuss the importance of youth staying in school. Once the relay is finished, please email and include the total amount of kilometers your school/organization accumulated, as well as the different ways the kids chose to complete the relay. Our youth are the future of tomorrow and with your help, we can show them that with a bit of hard work, they can achieve anything. To register for the relay or for more information, please click HERE to get in touch with someone from our team. 2016 National Relay for Youth Participants Big thanks to the following schools and organizations for taking part in our FIRST National Relay for Youth!
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Alberta = 82.6 KM BGC of Olds AB ( 5km ) BGC + BBBS of Edmonton, AB ( 4.4km ) Broxton Park ( 73.2km ) British Columbia = 118 KM                                                                                                              Collettville ( 60.8 km ) BGC Frazerview ( 15km ) Kamloops BGC ( 18.5km ) Revelstoke Sec School ( 7km ) Megan Bouvette, Columbia Park Elem Revel,BC ( 4.5km ) Arrow Heights Elementary Revelstoke, BC ( 3.6km ) Begbie View Elementary, BC ( 8.6km ) Manitoba = 13.8  KM Weston School ( 5km ) BGC Sister Macnamara Club Winnipeg ( 5.4km ) BGC Victor Mager Club Winnipeg ( 3.4km ) New Brunswick = 10 KM Edmunston Schools ( 10km ) Newfoundland = 127.7 KM BGC OF Norris Arm ( 2.3km ) Port Au Basque ( 50km ) Bay St George YMCA ( 17km ) St Mary’s Elementary ( 11 km ) Ecole Holy Family Elementary ( 45km ) BGC OF St Johns ( 2.4km ) Nova Scotia = 549.4 KM Bayfield Elementary ( No Results ) Bois Joli ( 52.1km ) Chester Area Middle School ( 92.8km ) Gaetz Brook JR High ( 7.8km ) Harbor Side Elementary ( 22km ) BGC Cape Breton ( 6.8km ) SMBA WEYMOUTH HS ( 367.9km ) Ontario = 330.9 KM Thunderbay RMCYC ( 2.5km ) Noelville Youth Club ( 20.4km ) Collingwood YMCA ( 2.3km ) Ottawa School ( 11.7km ) Ecole Sommet Hawkesbury ( 140km ) Group Jeunesse Valoris ( 28.6km ) Madoc Elementary ( 15km ) Madoc High School ( 84.2 km ) Marathon Youth ( 26.2 km )
PEI Eliot River Elementary ( No results ) Greenfield Elementary ( No Results ) Quebec = 18,500.1km Notre Dame du Nord ( 3.6km ) Grenville Elementary ( 5km ) St Phillippe Elementary ( 103km ) Ecole Bouchard ( 100km ) Ecole St Andre 152.7 LES 146.8KM St Alexandre 116km L Oasis 75km St Julien 26km L R H S 165KM Polyvalente Lavigne  10km La Volières 16,344km Des Haut Bois 67km Fountain Blau 18km St Therse Ecole Adult 450km St Hermas 50km St scholastic 141km Gerard Colllin 131km George Gauvin 240km Desparchemin  14km Moussalin 71km MDJ Danville 2km Saskatchewan = 721.7 KM BBBS OF Loydminster ( 3.3km ) BGC OF Saskatoon ( 2km ) BGC OF Regina ( 3.1km ) Borden School ( 86km ) James Hamlin ( 12.3km ) Balgonie Elementary ( 305km ) Marshall School ( 310km ) SOUTH AFRICA = 16,401 KM Magnolia Road Runners and Friends ( 16,401km )
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